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CEDU Educational Services was founded in 1967 by Brigitta Wasserman and her husband Mel.  Most often referred to as CEDU and simply pronounced SEE DO

CEDU Educational Services was founded as a private educational service (ie school).  You can read more about CEDU at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CEDU



CEDU is also the stock symbol for the “ChinaEDU Corporation”.  (Their website is located at http://www.chinaedu.net/).  The company is the “University of Phoenix” of China.  It provide online education and college degree’s to the Peoples Republic of China.  In addition, it provides tutors and tutoring services (primarily online) to younger Chinese students.  Among their most popular courses are teaching English.

They also offer technical schooling in addition to associate and bachelors degree programs.  The company does operate both primary and secondary schools.

Like the University of Phoenix their students are often people already in the workforce who are looking to advance themselves and their careers with advanced education.

Demand for their services is tremendous and the company is quickly growing.



CEDU Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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